ISCaM2021 – Nav Chandel talk

Nav Chandel - Mitochondria control cancer and adaptive immunity

Nav Chandel is David W. Cugell Professor at Northwestern University in Chicago, USA.
His work has implicated the necessity of mitochondrial ROS as second messengers for multiple biological processes including hypoxic activation of HIF dependent gene transcription, cellular differentiation, and immune cell activation. His lab has also identified that mitochondria release the metabolite L-2HG, which increases histone and DNA methylation to control hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) differentiation and regulatory T cell (Treg) function, respectively.
His work propelled a tenet-changing view of mitochondria as signaling organelles. In the field of cancer, he found that mitochondrial metabolism and ROS is necessary for tumorigenesis in vivo. 
Prof. Chandel published a book entitled “Navigating Metabolism” (Cold Spring Harbor Press, 2015).
He presented in the third installment of ISCaM2021 Webinar Series – “Tumor Immunometabolism”.