About us

The mission of ISCaM (ex ISPDC, International Society for Proton Dynamics in Cancer) is to improve communication and to foster collaborative activities and research programs between European and non European scientists engaged in acidity, proton dynamics, metabolism and microenvironment in cancer research.

ISCaM can consolidate, co-ordinate and facilitate International collaboration, facilitate translation of research to clinical development, and fundraise for Networking activities, scientific programs and projects, scientists mobility, young scientists grants and carrier programs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate and effectively promote our approach to cancer therapy in the scientific community, social community, Funding Agencies, Governments, and stimulate translation into clinical applications.

  • To create a critical mass of scientists engaged in research activities on Metabolism in Cancer.
  • To gain visibility at National, European and International level.
  • To duly raise the necessary awareness of both the scientific community and society.
  • To attract resources to finance and conduct research in the field of metabolism in cancer.
  • To be recognized as an important counterpart for the European Commission, funding agencies and Industry.
  • To represent the main scientific stakeholder in the field.

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